Hayao Miyazaki Tribute in 8-bit from whoispablo on Vimeo.

8bit Tribute

Josh Kumra - Waiting For You [Dir. Rob+Rob] from Rob Brandon on Vimeo.

Josh Kumra - Waiting For You (Sony)
Nominated for UKMVA 13 - Best Pop Video

Inspired by Alejandro Cartagena’s Carpool Series.

Director: Rob & Rob
Prod co: Agile Films
Producer: Amber Millington
DP: Dan Stafford-Clark
Production Manager: Kat Cattaneo
Art Director: Lucie Red
Post: Rob & Rob
Josh’s Styling: Toby Grimditch
HMU: Jolanda Coetzer
Directors’ Rep: OB Management
Commissioner: Elizabeth Doonan

The Adobe Illustrator Story from Terry Hemphill on Vimeo.

When Adobe Illustrator first shipped in 1987, it was the first software application for a young company that had, until then, focused solely on Adobe PostScript. The new product not only altered Adobe’s course, it changed drawing and graphic design forever.

Watch the Illustrator story unfold, from its beginning as Adobe’s first software product, to its role in the digital publishing revolution, to becoming an essential tool for designers worldwide. Interviews include cofounder John Warnock, his wife Marva, artists and designers Ron Chan, Bert Monroy, Dylan Roscover and Jessica Hische.

Make it Sound FAT - Short Movie from Make It Sound FAT on Vimeo.

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Graduation Movie from Bellecour ESIA 3D.
Thanks to teachers ! (Jef, Yan, Rox, JC, Gilles, Régis, Lionel etc…).

By :

Romwald BOGUN : captain-pickle.tumblr.com/
Sébastien BARON : brnwrkshp.tumblr.com/
Romain TINTURIER : vimeo.com/user17199717
Aurélien COVA : aureliencova.wix.com/portfolio
Jorris MINJOLLET : vimeo.com/jorrisminjollet
Pauline LELARGE : lelargepauline.wix.com/portfolio/
Quentin LEBASTARD : vimeo.com/101007719

Music by :

Valentin LAFORT : valentinlafort.net/
Original Soundtrack : soundcloud.com/valentin-lafort/sets/make-it-sound-fat-original-soundtrack

Sound design by : Pilon Studio (Julie Tepe sound design & J-B Cornier foleys)

Contact : makeitsoundfat@gmail.com

With a shot from MeatBrain Short Movie at 05min12